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Sterlet (2) 


 We offer high quality fingerlings and young sturgeons of most common species used for reproduction and obtaining of marketable sturgeon and caviar. 

Under the quality of our product we mean:

  • fry viability
  • fast weight gain
  • high capacity for artificial reproduction.

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Sterlet Mischung  

 Sterlet (Acipenser Ruthenus)

 is relatively small in size (40-60 cm) fish. This one, which is called a “royal fish” in Russia due to its taste is a valuable object for cultivation. Sterlet is notable for the fastest maturation of producers among sturgeons.


 acipenser ruthenus 


  Jungen Waxdick


 Russian sturgeon (Acipenser guldenstadti)

 is one of the most popular sturgeons. Specimens have a large size (up to 2 meters  and 200 kg with the average weight of 20-40 kg), an attractive color and form. Fish withstands increase of temperature up to 30 degrees.

 Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri)

Exterior and biological features of sibirian sturgeon look similar to sterlet except a large size.  Individuals may reach 60 kg with an average weight of 20-35 kg. The widespread breeding of A.baerii in Europe is caused by its good growth in natural habitat. A.baerii is the most common type in sturgeon breeding farms in Europe due to the relatively unpretentious and good growth natural habitat.



  acipenser stellatus


 Starry or stellate sturgeon  (Acipenser stellatus)

This species is characterized by a narrow body and high taste qualities. The average weight of the adult is about 10-15 kilograms, but some species can reach length of more than two meters and weight of 60 kg.


      Albino starlet  (Acipenser ruthenus alba ( albinea)) 

Like all forms of albinism, it grows slowly and requires special care during the initial stages of development. It has the golden color of roe and looks wonderful in decorative ponds.




  acipenser ruthenus сolor


Сolored form of starlet (Acipenser ruthenus color)     

Unlike albinos this starlet has normal (not red) eye. Yellow color is the background on which there are different shades of blue, green and brown. This form does not have the stability of the posterity and is at the experimental stage of development by our company.

Hybrid sterlet x sturry sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus x Acipenser stellatus)

The hybrid has an unusual attractive form. It is of interest to fans of ornamental ponds.


 Acipenser ruthenus stellatus 




At your request we can produce hybrids of the species from producers available to us.