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Our first greenhouse

Große Gewächshäuser


 Since 2003 we produce sturgeon fry for farmers, growers of high quality commodity products (caviar and sturgeon) and for firms working in zoo business. Breeding aquarium fish to wholesalers - is another area of our business.

Disposition to long-term partnership relations with our customers enables us to from year to year increase production volume.

Our manufacturing base enables the entire process of reproduction.

It includes:

  • 6 lines of closed-cycle biological purification of water for breeding sturgeon fry weighing 1.5 grams,
  • workshop for breeding aquarium fish,
  • pools that are protected from precipitation, for the cultivation of sturgeon fry from 1 to 2000 grams,
  • ponds for constantly replenished broodstock of most common species of sturgeon.

Growing viable juveniles adapted to artificial reproduction, disease prevention, high growth - issues that we focus on. Permanent contact and cooperation with the best Russian experts of the Volga, Moscow and Kaliningrad Regions and their experience contributes to our progress in this direction.

In the aquarium business we focus on breeding of problematic breeds, which are usually imported from the countries of South-East Asia. We offer about 20 fish species for sale depending on the season and demand. And we have two-three times more species of producers.

 We are under constant control of the State Veterinary Service and offer customers a complete package of accompanying documents in accordance with EU requirements.

 We see our development in collaboration with groups involved in the reproduction of natural resources, production of marketable products of sturgeon and wholesale trade of ornamental fish for artificial ponds.



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Younger generation

Einer der ersten Gewächshäuser

Russian sturgeon.